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Vortex HiFi research keeps turning the (HiFi) world upside down. Technical devices such as cell phones, laptops, computers or routers, which have hitherto made listening to music much worse, are now promoting sound using new Vortex HiFi technologies. There is a reason. The radiation emitted by these devices no longer disturbs the organism where it previously disturbed, but improves its function in some cases dramatically!

Here are 3 examples of how the new oscillation alignment technique reduces money roll effects and thus dramatically improves blood circulation.

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Blood normally sticks together under the influence of high-frequency but also low-frequency radiation. Cell phones or other HF emitters are therefore actually a no-go when listening to music from a sonic point of view, because the capillaries in the inner ear cannot adequately convey the blood to the auditory cells. With our unique oscillation alignment technique, we dissolve this blood adhesion and the hearing process is not disturbed.


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Blood normally sticks together under the influence of high-frequency but also low-frequency radiation. IPads or other tablet PCs are therefore actually a no-go when listening to music from a sound point of view, because the capillaries in the inner ear cannot adequately convey the blood to the auditory cells. With our unique oscillation alignment technique, we dissolve this blood adhesion and the hearing process is not disturbed.


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Geopathogenic zones, especially magnetic grid intersections, cause the red blood cells to stick together and the notorious roll of money effect arises. These large formations, because they are stuck together, can practically not pass through the capillaries, which results in a significantly reduced oxygen supply to the auditory cells, among other things. Hearing is less dynamic and detailed. The oscillation alignment technique dissolves the roll of money effect and leads to perfect listening pleasure.

We can show the extreme effects not only with microscope images (see above), our computer-aided heart rate variability measurement, but also with kinesiological muscle tests and strength and coordination tests. Here is an example video.

We cut as little as possible so that the videos are as authentic as possible. Because what you will see is just amazing!

Video: Kinesiological and strength and coordination test of the Vortex HiFi HFO-Sigma Set

Those who do without Vortex HiFi products when listening to music in today's environment are foregoing the reason for music - deep emotions.

                                                         Norbert Maurer

3 years Vortex HiFi - the ultimate experience report

What are the differences between listening to music with and without Vortex HiFi. This is what the journalist Frank Wacker pointed out hifitoday described in 8 stages of his personal sound journey with Vortex HiFi. He lets the reader take part in 3 years of his sound development with Vortex HiFi, with amazing results. Read his impressive testimonial on Relevant.

Music and HiFi professionals swear by Vortex HiFi

Because our solutions focus on people and their musical perception, we also have an unusually large number of musicians among our customers and dealers. Thomas Krüger (Das Andere HiFi Studio) as a qualified musician and brass instrument maker and many others stand for passionate music and Vortex HiFi solutions. But also the hi-fi and acoustics guru Thomas Fast (FAST Audio) see the Vortex HiFi system as indispensable for holistic music reproduction in today's living environment.

Customers feel music like never before!

One customer email from many:

“Dear Mr. Maurer!
I finally had time to install the new power caps in my listening room and in the sockets in the neighboring rooms. After investing a lot in fine-tuning the system (Heed Obelisk II, Proac Response 2sc, Rega Planar 1) over the past 7 years, including equipping the entire power supply with Furutech plug strips, sockets and cables, my expectations were actually not particularly high . The result left me speechless, almost startled. I have never heard music with such clarity and attention to detail. As if an invisible curtain had been pulled away. In addition, my TV picture has improved dramatically in terms of black level, color saturation and image sharpness. A huge compliment for the development of this simple but unbelievable accessory !!!!!
Thank you very much
... a happy music lover ”

Note: Optimizing an outlet with a Power CAP costs € 4,90 (when purchasing 10 pieces)

A customer comment on the website dated Sound studio Berlin describes what Vortex HiFi is really about - gandy music!

Quote from the Klangatelier Berlin website:

"Hello Mister. Nehls, the Vortex-HiFi BOB filter.
The last 2 days in my music room have been absolutely amazing. Although I haven't changed anything on the system, the music experience can hardly be described in words. The musicality, the transparency and the absolute naturalness are on a level that I have always wished for but didn't even know that something like this would work.
I heard a classical CD earlier on which I have never got past the first track. And now ... what great music. At the end of the CD I sat there and was fascinated how easy it was to follow the music. No thought of hectic changing CDs to hear a highlight piece here or an audiophile piece there. No, I just heard great music.
How can it be that the installed Power Optimizer create such access to the music. Well noticed, I installed the Power Optimizer one floor down (maisonette apartment) in the living room and in the bedroom and next to the music room at the PC station and in the bathroom. The result on the borrowed measuring device showed me the massive success in these places and also in the music room, but the fact that this change is transformed into such an increased enjoyment of music is really amazing and yes, absolutely insane.
Various CDs followed, each time the same. Goosebumps, joy, emotions and the time flew by.
I'm already looking forward to tomorrow, when the rice continues into the music.

Best musical regards.
Andreas Billib ”

Test professionals the above 20 years HiFi tests like Robert Schmitz-Niehaus or Marco Kolks write about the ad-free, independent listening experience (Link here):

Quote from Robert Schmitz-Niehaus:

“Admittedly, it is hard to believe that these measures are also so clearly noticeable in my listening room. How much sound potential have I just given away in the past, even though I am listening with a sensitively tuned, very high-quality chain? It's not that I was previously dissatisfied. I just didn't know how much I could get out of my system. "

Quote Marco Kolks:

“In addition to the quality of the components and room acoustics, Norbert Maurer introduces a third quality pillar in high fidelity: the listener's well-being and freedom from stress. It is undisputed that the quality of the components and their correct combination are a quality factor for the music experience. It should be clear to everyone who is involved in listening to music today that room acoustics have a decisive influence on the perception of music. Room acoustics and their influence on the perception of music fill many academic volumes. The third pillar for a high quality music experience was only revealed to me through the experience of the Vortex HiFi Power Optimizer and Ground Optimizer. There seems to be something to the idea that electrosmog influences the perception of music, as described by Norbert Maurer. There is no other explanation for what has been experienced in the last few months. Due to the constantly increasing pollution of the apartments, in my opinion this "electrosmog" column will become more and more important. "

When music should become emotions ...

... Vortex HiFi products are your perfect companions. Medical examinations show a clear connection between different electromagnetic waves and signal processing in the human body. These electromagnetic influences lead to nerve disorders in the brain and even ringing in the ears. Has these facts Prof. Dr. Magda Havas presented by Trend University at a WHO workshop.

Medical research explains previously inexplicable sound sensations

The medical research shows previously unknown effects of rooms, electricity, cables and hi-fi components on the nervous system and thus on the listening experience. Based on this knowledge, we were able to systematically investigate previously inexplicable sound phenomena and develop unique products that really solve problems. The result was a music reproduction that goes far beyond what is known in hi-fi up to now.

The images below show measurements of the influence of a laptop on the autonomic nervous system. We carried out an analysis of the heart regulation with our EKG in order to determine the stress of the autonomic nervous system. When a laptop is switched on, the measurements show that the status of the autonomic nervous system shifts towards the stress (to the left). This is proof that modern digital technology stresses people out. This worsens sensory perception - including hearing.

With high-tech against sound disturbances

Vortex HiFi research laid the foundations for many fundamental solutions to fundamental problems in listening to music. These are, for example, cables which the Mass interference from devices Eliminate in the biologically relevant area with low eddy currents. these are Line filter with biologically optimized bandwidth which use ultra-fast high-tech components.

Energy saving lamp with PO1 filter
The Vortex HiFi line filters with a biologically optimized bandwidth use high-tech assemblies to reduce sound-relevant interference on the power grid well into the megahertz range.

These are a unique one Nanotech screen material, which enables holistic protection against interference from the power supply and the hi-fi system Nano diamond oil that ensures perfect contacts. Every single problem solution means an unbelievable increase in sound!

For example, what happens to the blood when it is exposed to unshielded electrosmog is shown by the three blood images from the Video of dr Magda Havas on the subject of electrosmog and blood.

Combining high tech and alternative medicine

Even if in the meantime many studies prove the effect of electromagnetic waves and fields on living beings and humans, the physical mechanism of action remains largely in the dark, which repeatedly leads to the dispute about the scientific nature.

But one theory alone can describe everything that we know of perception phenomena in HiFi - the potential vortex theory of Prof. Dr. Ing.Konstantin Meyl. Meyl's theory is receiving increasing attention, particularly in medical research. Meyl was chairman of the DNA Day in Dalin (China) on April 26.04.2011th, 14 with 2 Nobel Prize winners and is XNUMXnd chairman of DGEIM (German Society for Energy and Information Medicine eV)

Therefore we work at Vortex HiFi with techniques from all worlds of thought to one holistic scheme:

  1. Avoidance of a disturbance. - Here you are asked not to use energy-saving lamps, DECT telephones, etc. But also special techniques such as our wave resistance optimization, which avoid standing waves and thus interference radiation.
  2. Destruction of interfering energy: Our inventions like Ground Optimizearound power optimizer in BOB technology destroy interference energy on the lines of the hi-fi system and the power lines. In this way, biologically relevant interference fields in the room are extremely reduced.
  3. Shielding from interference fields: Our invention of the Mass-free screen with nanoparticles makes it possible for the first time since HiFi has existed to avoid sound interference from cables!
  4. Interference suppression: The Interference suppression is an information technology that dissolves potential vortices and Measurable Reduced interference fields.
  5. Stress relief: Through specifically informed materials let's reduce stress which emanates from devices and cables can be measured! For this we use the medical procedure of the HRV-EKG.

In this way, we systematically eliminate disturbances and also eliminate biologically active turbulence according to Prof. Dr. Ing.K. Meyl. So it doesn't matter who is right - the Vortex HiFi system always works!

Vortex HiFi Live

If you want to experience Vortex HiFi products, then take a look at one of our Retailers stop by or come to a workshop with Norbert Maurer. You can find dates here.

We hope you enjoy our website. Your Vortex HiFi Sound Team

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Title cable test

* Vortex HiFi products are not medical devices, nor do we promise a medical effect. The described effects from information medicine and stone healing come from our own practical experience and traditions and are not scientifically proven


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